Do You Know: IQ Does Not Reflect Human Intelligence?
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Do You Know: IQ Does Not Reflect Human Intelligence?

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IQ score doesn’t necessarily define how smart you really are ©freepik


Smart predicate, usually given to someone who has a high IQ. In fact, human intelligence doesn’t always mean so because there are 8 kinds of intelligence that can be owned by someone and can’t be measured with IQ. What kind of intelligence is there in humans? Check out the summary below.

1. Linguistic Intelligence

A person with this intelligence has the ability to manage words, either in oral or written form and able to clearly define the text. Things that often become his passion is reading, playing scrabel, etc. Some of the jobs that are suitable for people who have linguistic intelligence are broadcasters, journalists or lawyers.

2. Mathematical and Logic Intelligence

Mathematical and logical intelligence is the intelligence to process numbers and logic. People who have mathematical intelligence are able to hypothesize well, classify, and analyze cause and effect. This ability makes one able to think logically and rationally. Some suitable jobs are as an accountant, programmer or scientist.

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3. Interpersonal Intelligence

A person who has interpersonal intelligence will be easy to understand and sensitive to feelings, temperaments, motivations and other people’s temperaments. As a result, they can deal with others with good care and encourage others to share their problems. Some suitable jobs include psychologists, negotiators and teachers.

4. Intrapersonal Intelligence

Intrapersonal Intelligence is the intelligence to know and understand oneself. Usually people with intrapersonal intelligence like to work alone, can introspect theirself, and able to know the strengths and weaknesses themselves. A suitable job is to be an advisor, counselor or theologian.

5. Musical Intelligence

Musical intelligence makes someone easy to enjoy, develop and express music and sound. Usually someone who has musical intelligence like to whistle, able to memorize the tone quickly and likes to work while singing. Some suitable jobs are as a singer, a musical instrument player or a songwriter.

6. Naturalist Intelligent

Naturalist intelligence is the intelligence to enjoy and understand nature, use the knowledge to manage nature well. Characteristics of a person with naturalist intelligent is able to understand the behavior of animals, love the environment and love to do outdoor activities in nature. Some suitable jobs for someone with this intelligence is as a farmer, fisherman, hunter or mountain climber.

7. Kinetic Intelligence

People who have kinetic intelligence are able to express ideas and feelings well through motion. Characteristics of someone who has this intelligence usually likes sports and various activities that use physical. Jobs that suitable for people who have kinetic intelligence such as athletes, craftsmen, and tailors.

8. Visual Intelligence

Visual intelligence in which a person has a visual sensitivity, shape, color, line, and space. This intelligence allows a person to make his idea into a clear sketch. Jobs that are suitable for someone with this intelligence are engineers, architects, photographers or pilots.

Everyone has their own intelligence which is not showed by their IQ score.  IQ score doesn’t necessarily define how smart you really are. So, which kind of human intelligence that you have?


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