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Geekgarden is an IT company in Indonesia that provides planning, development, and management services for small to large scale applications and systems. By mastering various platform development tools, especially those that use open source technology, both web, and mobile-based. We are able to provide an appropriate and integrated system and application solutions. Join us and develop your skills here.


To become a company that helps advance the national IT industry with global competitiveness


In order to achieve the company's vision, Geekgarden has the following company missions

  • Perfecting services and increasing client satisfaction
  • Increase the types of services by increasing the variants of solutions & services
  • Committed to continuing to provide education to the local market about the virtues of using IT services and products for the nation's children.

Holding Company


Founded in 2009 as a partnership alliance with the company name CV. Komuri Intermedia and its focus on consulting services have brought KOMURI to become a national company that is heavily involved in the development of government applications. In 2012 Komuri established a holding company in the form of a company under the banner of PT. Komuri Indonesia by developing a wider range of IT services. With a wealth of experience working on IT projects at home and abroad, Komuri is a company that is mature enough to work on IT projects. Currently, Komuri has three subsidiaries namely:

komuri intermedia

CV. Komuri Intermedia

Companies that focus on services in the government market segment for small and medium-sized jobs. The services provided are in the form of application development, computer network development, and procurement of goods. This company now has several product platforms such as information systems and CMS that support the performance of the Indonesian government. It is hoped that in the future this company will be able to make an even greater contribution to providing services to the government, especially local governments in order to implement IT infrastructure, both software and hardware in the face of globalization..

Geekgarden Software House

As a company that was only formed in 2014, Geekgarden is dedicated to serving the business (private) and individual market segments, both at the corporate or startup level. GeekGarden was formed with the passion to serve quickly and prioritize the right solutions for consumers who are more dynamic in today's era. Geek also has several services that can be used by startups who want to develop their digital products at an affordable budget but with maximum quality.

komuri intermedia
komuri intermedia

Geekgarden Skill Academy

To strengthen the commitment to advance the national IT industry in 2020 the Geekgarden Skill Academy was formed. Aiming to improve HR capabilities in the IT industry by opening training programs in the fields of IT Project Management (ITPM), Programming and UI/UX Design. Through this business unit, it is hoped that IT industry players, especially the new generation, will be able to have work standardization in accordance with the needs of the industry, especially the global market. Creating competitive, professional, and innovative human resources.

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