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In this modern times, the development of the digital industry in Indonesia has been very rapid, along with the increase demand for software development from various fields and segments. However, it is unfortunate that the users' interest in using the works of the local professional is still very low. In fact, when compared to digital products from foreign, the products quality of the local professional are no less good in term of quality, reliability, and can compete with global quality. With this background since 2014, Geek tried to realize his dream as a company that is able to produce digital products that have maximum quality and durability. Geek really holds the principles of INNOVATIVE, CREATIVE, and PROFESSIONAL because with these 3 values ​​geek is confident that they can compete in global competition. In addition, geek also strives so that domestic clients can always be satisfied with the services geek provides so that they can be proud of using the work of the local professional. Remember in IT development not only about technology and expertise to achieve success but also talking about character and culture so it is suitable if geeks as partner choice for domestic clients.

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