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For clients of government agencies geek provides eGov solutions to answer the system needs of this market segment. The geek developed eGov-based systems related to document management, performance optimization, monitoring and evaluation and many more. Systems in eGov solutions.

Applications in the eGOV solution :

  • 1. SIM Persuratan
  • 2. SIM Penyusunan Anggaran
  • 3. Sistem Monev APBD/APBN
  • 4. SIM pengawasan (SIMAWAS)
  • 5. Sistem Pengaduan & Wishtleblower
  • 6. Sistem Zona Integritas
  • 7. SIM Kepegawaian (SIMPEG)
  • 8. SIM daerah (SIMDA)
  • 9. e-SAKIP

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