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UDIO is a campus management solution in the millennial era

As a form of Geekgarden's support for the world of geek education, it has developed a special system for educational institutions called University Dashboard Indo Online (UDIO). This system is built using a web-based technology platform and with a modular integrated architecture. With UDIO's solution, it is hoped that an educational institution can improve quality and service quickly, precisely and efficiently.

UDIO is a system specifically developed for the management of schools and universities. With a system construction that is modular in nature, it is very flexible to be developed in stages according to needs and conditions. UDIO is the solution for the future of the education system, especially in Indonesia, in facing competition in the millennial and industrial 4.0 era.

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Currently UDIO has been equipped with various media including :

A. Academic System

  • 1. Academic Information Systems Module (SIAKAD)

    The academic information system module (SIAKAD) is a module used to manage data and information that will be processed by other modules. This module allows for multi-user data management and can share user access rights in stages according to the authority they have. This module is built using web-based technology to make it easier for users to manage anywhere and anytime.

  • 2. Lecture Module

    The lecture module is a module that is built to accommodate the needs of offline and online lectures. With this module the management of lectures can be carried out practically and properly so that students and lecturers as users can fulfill their lecture obligations in a practical and fun way. The technology in this module is technology. web based and mobile android

  • 3. Online KRS & KHS module

    This module is a module used for students to design an online study plan card. This module is built with web and mobile-based technology so that students have no trouble filling in KRS anytime and anywhere.

  • 4. Research Module & Final Project

    This module is used to accommodate research management and student final assignments. This module is a solution for students in completing their research or final project on time so that they can complete their studies according to plan.

  • 5. Internship / Internship Module

    With this module, the campus can easily monitor student internship or internship activities. This module also provides facilities for students to communicate with supervisors or the campus. This module is built with web-based technology and mobile android.

  • 6. E-Learning Module

    This module can provide students with lecture documentation and can accommodate if there are assignments that must be submitted online.

  • 7. Publications & Journals Module

    This module is used for the publication of scientific papers and journals published by the campus. This journal module system can be clustered per department / study program or faculty if you have more than one journal site or publication.

B. E-Office

  • 1. E-Mail Module

    The features in this module are used to manage archives and documents in the form of incoming and outgoing mail. With this module the campus will easily be able to carry out disposition, tracking, and monitoring of letter documents both outgoing and incoming. This module is built based on web and android.

  • 2. Roster Module

    This module is a module that functions to regulate the use of campus assets such as room facilities and equipment both for regular lecture activities or for activities outside of lectures.

  • 3. PMB Module

    This module is used to facilitate the campus in recruiting new students. With the facilities and online registration features and the registration guide, it is hoped that it will make it easier for prospective students to enroll at universities that implement this module.

  • 4. Website Portal Module

    Modul portal website adalah CMS (Content Management Service) yang dugunakan sebagai etalase kampus. Dengan modul ini informasi yang perlu dipubilkasi dapat ditampilkan dengan berbagai format.

  • 5. E-Library module

    This module is a digital library module that can be used to make it easier for students or the public to access a collection of books in the campus library.

C. Accreditation

  • 1. Tracer Study

    For accreditation purposes, UDIO provides an online tracer study module facility for alumni and stakeholders. This system will provide notification in the form of invitations for alumni and stakeholders to participate in a questionnaire tracer study.

  • 2. Stakeholders / Partners Repository Module

    To manage stakeholder data or partners, UDIO provides repository facilities in the form of a database for storing these stakeholder data.

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