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IT Project Management

Geek has a highly scalable project management approach so that it can be properly monitored by clients. SDLC implementation supported by software development tools is a standard that must be applied by the development team at internal Geek. The values ​​applied in IT project management by Geekgarden adhere to the following :

1. Measurable

To make it easier to measure the progress of the project, the method that Geek applies is based on the prototype method. This method is considered appropriate because in project management, especially for the type of client who has no experience in software development, this method is very easy to accept and implement.

2. Transparent

In order for geek and client communication to run smoothly in the system development process, of course, a transparent process must be carried out regarding the progress of work and the volume of work that has been achieved. To support the value of transparency, Geek applies standardized communication between the client and the development team by using a special application that will be used to monitor development time.

3. Accountable

Geek takes great care of every document generated in every development. So to support accountable value in every geek development, apply very good documentation standards and are supported by excellent software that documents both documentation in the form of assets and source code.

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