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Geek Garden Software House as a company that specializes in software development, geek applies standardized measurable and directed PO's. Before begin development process, our team will conduct an analysis first to collect information on System or Application according to Customer needs. So that there isn't customer needs or overlapping so that it is not in accordance with the needs or capacity of the company or customer. Because the goal of Geek is to help a sector invest in a system or application so that it becomes a tool to increase efficiency and effectiveness in building a company or agency. By using a system or application that we have built, we make sure your company will feel a significant increase in the unit sector implemented by the system we have developed. The increase can be obtained from several sectors depending on the unit implemented. Such as an increase in company profits, production effectiveness and efficiency, data management, finance, etc. to be much better, can be converted systematically so that there are no leaks in the company, so that your company can develop properly. The following are the stages before the development of a system or application at GeekGarden :

  • Needs Analysis

    If you don't have the documentation or system flow needed before building a system or application, our team will analyze your needs first. Like what problems are often encountered in a company or aim of developments and innovations that are expected by the customer. So that we can design the flow documentation for your needs. So that we can build a system / application that suits your company's development needs.

  • IT Analysis

    After we get the required documentation or flow system. We will analyze these needs into a system / application framework and determine what kind of technology will be used. From architecture, platforms, programming languages, servers, etc. we will adjust according to the expected development of a company so that we can develop a structured system / application.

  • Quotation

    After it has been agreed that the documentation and flow are according to your needs, we will provide an offer in the form of a document where there is data from the system / application, obtained benefit, development costs, and other offers. Within the specified time you can confirm the agreement on the offer. After the bid is agreed upon, we begin to enter into a contractual agreement for financing, it can be done in various ways according to the agreement in the offer and then start the kick off development project according to the agreed time.

  • Development

    In the Development Project, we have company SOPs that must be followed such as timeline, analysis, QC, etc. so as to provide comfort to customers. And each of our development involves the R&D team so as to minimize the occurrence of errors and miss communication in developing. the customer himself can confirm the extent to which the system / application has been developed. The following is the SOP for building a GeekGarden System / Application

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In building a system / application we always prioritize the development of your company according to your company's needs. We are here not only to make your company an application / or system but to provide solutions for problems in your company and provide solutions to the investment you expect so that your company can develop better and have high competitiveness. For consultation you may contact

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