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ERP solutions are the answer to facing the industrial era 4.0

Talking about ERP is not always synonymous with complexity and high investment costs. Geekgarden as a company that produces software is able to provide this solution. Geek's commit to guarantee a 100% successful implementation which so far cannot be guaranteed even by a licensed ERP specialist provider.

Enterprise Resource Planning

With a development and implementation methodology that puts forward communication and measurable results geek is proud to be able to produce an ERP solution in just a matter of days. Starting with a price of Rp. 30,000,000, - geek module believes this ERP solution can be an option for companies, especially small and medium sized manufacturing industries and distributors to face competition in the industrial era 4.0

Six advantages of ERP Geek Solutions :

  • A cloud-based system that makes it possible to carry out work processes anywhere and anytime
  • The system is built in multi-platform, namely web and mobile android
  • Paperless based
  • Modular and can be integrated with any system
  • An attractive and responsive user interface is used on any monitor size
  • Cheap and original products made by the nation's children

Standardization & development and implementation phases of Geekgarden Software House ERP solutions are designed with a timeline for 90 calendar days.

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