Frequently Ask Questions

What services do you offers?

At GeekGarden, we’re your versatile solution provider, specializing in custom software development for websites, information systems, cloud services, and mobile applications. With expertise in backend languages (Laravel, JavaScript, Java, Python) and frontend technologies (JavaScript), we innovate in every project.

Our unique approach includes flexible remote and on-site manpower sharing for various roles. Beyond development, we excel in subscription/SaaS models, digital marketing, content production, Telco solutions, and community-driven events and training.

At GeekGarden, our client process is client-focused and streamlined. It starts with clients submitting details via the “Contact Us” form, initiating engagement. We prioritize communication through virtual meetings to discuss project specifics, offering a free consultation to grasp client needs.

Once aligned, we seamlessly move to the execution phase, delivering tailored, high-quality solutions. Our approach centers on transparency, effective communication, and value delivery throughout the journey.

If you submit a message through our form, rest assured that we’ll promptly get in touch with you during office hours.

For even quicker responses, feel free to reach out via WhatsApp to our sales contact, Farra, at +628112633681.

If you find yourself not receiving a response to your messages, please check that the contact details provided are accurate. If the issue persists, you can reach out to us directly at [email protected], and we’ll promptly address any communication concerns to ensure a seamless experience.

To apply for a job at GeekGarden, visit our Career section or go to join.geekgarden.id. Ensure you thoroughly read the job requirements and descriptions before applying.

Submit your application, and if your qualifications match the position, we aim to contact you within two weeks.

If not, don’t worry; your data will be securely stored, and you may be contacted for future positions that align with your skills and experience. We value your interest in joining our team and look forward to potential collaborations in the future.

Collaborating and forming a partnership with GeekGarden is a straightforward process. Initiate contact by reaching out via email at [email protected], providing the necessary credentials or a partnership proposal.

Following this, we’ll schedule a virtual meeting to discuss details, define the form of partnership, create an agreement, and proceed with execution.

Our partnership opportunities are open to all, encouraging mutual collaboration. We welcome inquiries and look forward to exploring potential collaborations that align with our shared goals and objectives.

What is our project management methodology?

Our project management methodology at GeekGarden is tailored to the specific needs of each client’s project. If the client has a well-defined project, we lean towards using Scrum, organizing tasks into sprints for efficient development.

In cases where the project details are not fully defined, we opt for the Waterfall methodology to collaboratively define the project process and solidify early requirements. Additionally, we offer Agile methods for projects with dynamic changes, ensuring adaptability throughout the development process.

Our flexible approach allows us to cater to diverse project requirements, providing optimal solutions for successful custom software development.

Project costs vary based on scope and complexity, spanning 2 – 6 months.

For website development, using WordPress starts at 12.5 – 15 million IDR, while Laravel projects begin at 30 million IDR.

System Information projects, start from 30 million IDR and cover MIS, Office Automation, LMS, CMS, EWS, POS, CRM, FMS, HRIS, and Accounting Systems. SuperApps, including ERP, IoT, AI, ECommerce, and WMS, begin at 150 million IDR, with costs dependent on project specifics.

These prices underscore our commitment to providing tailored solutions for diverse project requirements.

As our esteemed client, we want to emphasize that you will have complete ownership of the Intellectual Property Rights (HAKI) associated with the custom software we meticulously develop for you.

Our commitment to transparency and client satisfaction means that, once the software is successfully created, we transfer the full rights and ownership to you. This process is clearly outlined and formalized in our agreement, ensuring that you not only receive a tailored and high-quality software solution but also gain exclusive control and rights over the intellectual property embedded within the developed software.

This approach underscores our dedication to providing you with a seamless and client-centric experience throughout the custom software development journey.

We prioritize the security of your software and data through the implementation of a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

GeekGarden and prospective clients can mutually agree to sign the NDA either at the project’s initiation, before delving into project details, or at any stage that aligns with specific needs.

This agreement serves as a safeguard for your Intellectual Property Rights, ensuring a confidential and secure environment throughout the development process.

Our commitment to NDA practices underscores our dedication to maintaining the utmost security and confidentiality for your custom software and sensitive data.

Our workflow begins with data collection and client needs analysis, followed by the design phase. Subsequently, we proceed to build the project, aligning with the required technology.

After rigorous testing to ensure the project is bug-free, it is ready for launch. Post-launch, we provide ongoing maintenance to uphold your software’s performance.

This comprehensive approach ensures that not only is your custom software developed meticulously, but we also offer dedicated support and maintenance for its seamless operation even after launch.

Certainly! At GeekGarden, we provide flexible pricing options tailored to your preferences.

We offer two distinct models: a performance-oriented option, which emphasizes a leaner budget with minimum specification, and a quality assurance-based option, designed to meet your specific conditions and ensure a higher quality outcome.

The budget for custom software development in GeekGarden depends on your chosen pricing model, the complexity of the project, and specific requirements.

What is IT outsourcing or IT manpower sharing in GeekGarden?

In GeekGarden, IT outsourcing or IT manpower sharing (MPS) is a dynamic solution crafted to align seamlessly with your business requirements.

This entails accessing a curated pool of skilled professionals that can be tailored to your IT needs. This approach enhances operational efficiency, fostering accelerated business development.

The IT manpower sharing (MPS) service ensures that you have access to excellent skills precisely when you need them, providing a flexible and efficient solution to meet your IT staffing needs.

At GeekGarden, acquiring IT manpower is a concise and efficient process. It begins with Requirement Gathering, followed by Discussion & Consultation.

After releasing a transparent Rate Card and formalizing the End-Agreement, we present a Talent List with profiles from our curated IT talent pool.

You then engage in Matching & Selection, and we provide Remote & Onboarding Support for a smooth transition. This streamlined approach is tailored to meet your specific IT staffing requirements.

To apply as IT manpower at GeekGarden, you can submit your profile to our Talent Pool.

This operates as a passive recruitment process, allowing our Talent Acquisition team to screen and collect profiles of qualified candidates.

While we may not process the Talent Pool immediately, your profile will be considered for active recruitment when there is a specific need within the GeekGarden team.

This approach ensures that we have a pool of pre-qualified candidates ready for future opportunities, facilitating a more efficient and timely recruitment process when positions become available.

GeekGarden provides a versatile range of IT manpower sharing (MPS), including roles like Backend, Frontend, Mobile, QA, DevOps, UI/UX, System Analyst, Project Manager, Data Specialist and more.

We offer flexible work arrangements, including Remote and On-site options for Junior, Middle, and Senior levels. Our technology stack spans PHP, JavaScript, Java, Python, Go, C, CSS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Flutter, React Native, Swift, and Kotlin.

Custom roles are also available “by request” to ensure a tailored fit for your specific IT project requirements.

Dealing with challenges concerning IT talent is a collaborative process at GeekGarden. Initially, coordinate with your designated Point of Contact (PIC) to convey the issue.

We will then liaise with HR to approach the IT talent and facilitate a discussion and mediation between the talent and your team to resolve the problem.

We provide the talent with time for improvement or correction. If the issue persists and a resolution cannot be reached, we offer options for either transitioning the talent off the project or providing a replacement, depending on your preference and requirements.

Changing IT manpower at GeekGarden is a structured process guided by the Terms of Contract (TOC).

If a talent is underperforming, based on mutual assessment, we can offer a replacement according to the terms outlined in the contract.

To initiate a change in IT manpower, coordinate with your designated Point of Contact (PIC) and communicate your concerns.

We will then assess the situation, adhere to the contractual terms, and facilitate the replacement process to ensure a seamless transition and maintain project efficiency and transparency.

GeekGarden provides transparent and cost-effective IT manpower solutions with no hidden charges.

Our pricing structure offers flexibility through Seniority-Based Pricing, tailored to your specific needs. For remote work, a minimum commitment of one month is required, while hybrid options allow flexibility for six months, and on-site commitments have a minimum duration of 12 months.

Choose a model that suits your unique requirements and working conditions.

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